Throughout the project, different activities will take place to promote the project, as well as to contribute to the different objectives established for UrbanWINS.


Share with us and disseminate your experiences, technologies or detailed data on innovative waste management strategies, by filling in this questionnaire.

This survey is also available in Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish.

Help us to gain a better understanding of your role, interests and commitments concerning consumption and production patterns, waste prevention strategies and participatory decision-making in order to identify the most appropriate means to involve you in the future activities of UrbanWINS by filling in this questionnaire (English).

The waste prevention and management questionnaire is also available in German /Austrian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish.


The kick-off conference took place in Cremona (Italy) in September 2016. The purpose of this event was to share the approach of UrbanWINS and to clearly explain the different activities that will be developed within the project.

Some of the members of the European Advisory Board took part in the event.

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A total of six conferences will be organised during the three years of the project to share the developments of UrbanWINS, as well as to exchange ideas, challenges and approaches.

Each of six countries involved in this project – Austria, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sweden – will host one event.

A final conference will be held in Brussels (Belgium). The European Advisory Board will take part in this event, which is expected to also gather representatives from national and European levels.

The final conference will inform about the outcomes and results of UrbanWINS, and at the same time it will be a platform to discuss and share urban MFA indicators, ideas from the participatory mechanisms to identify win-win solutions, the strategic plan frameworks, and eco-innovative solutions for waste prevention and management.

City Match

The UrbanWINS team is working to develop a series of activities to facilitate knowledge and experience sharing between public authorities from different parts of the project’s regions as well as to carry out mutual benchmarking exercises and evaluation.

The possibility of creating an interest group including the cities involved in the project and inviting other cities interested in the topic of waste prevention and management is currently being explored. Activities such as site visits, workshops or twinnings could be developed as part of the interest group. These activities can involve public authorities, procurers, waste management companies, social enterprises and collectors, and business delivering solutions, among others.

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