UrbanWINS Agoras.
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What are the UrbanWINS Agoras?
The UrbanWINS Agoras are a virtual community that facilitates the active engagement of stakeholders in the project to ensure successful development and implementation of the innovative waste management and prevention strategies as part of the UrbanWINS project.

The platform brings together citizens, local authorities, city planners, procurers, academic experts, waste management, and solution providers, amongst others. The Agoras platform includes local language discussions oriented around each of the eight pilot cities. It also has an international group discussion to cross-pollinate the best waste management ideas from around Europe. This virtual community supports the Face-to-Face Agoras, workshops to be held in each pilot city.

All persons interested in improving communities through exploring the design and implementation of innovative waste management and prevention strategies are invited to join the online discussion.

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New to the platform? Find out how to make the most out of it!

The platform offers a multitude of options to start and get involved in fruitful discussions, both at a local and international level.
To get started, check out the options below:

Pilot Cities discussions
The Agoras offers the opportunity to engage stakeholders around waste management related actions of the 8 pilot cities across Europe – Cremona, Torino, Albano Laziale and Pomezia – two cities within the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, (Italy), Bucharest (Romania), Leiria (Portugal), Manresa and Sabadell (Spain).

These discussions will be in the native language and will take place in the “Pilot Cities Agoras” the section where the discussions related the Face-to-Face Agoras events planned for each Pilot City will occur.  Be sure to check the “Events” section to see the timing of the event.

Other discussions on Waste Management
In addition to the Pilot City discussions, the platform aims to “cross pollinate” ideas and attract experiences from all around Europe.

Personal Posts
The home page of the platform displays the “What’s New” section. Here you can add content regarding your viewpoint, an interesting occurrence related to the project, an interesting article you found, etc. You can leave it as your Personal Post (associated with your profile) or can choose to share it with one or more “Groups” (see below).   You can also click on the profile of any participant to see their public posts.

The platform includes Groups for discussions in the languages of the pilot cities, as well as thematic Groups on particular waste management subjects in English.  Users can add a group but are encouraged to first check the existing list of Groups to see if a relevant one already exists. This will help keep the conversation together. If you want to add a specific topic to a Group, you can simply join the Group you are interested in, click on “Topics” on the left-side menu then click “Create New Topic” at the top right.

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