Wanted: Citizen bloggers

Call for talented and curious writers for blogging on eco-innovative activities for waste prevention and management

We are looking for talented and curious writers for blogging on eco-innovative activities for waste prevention and management in eight European cities: Cremona, Albano Laziale, Pomezia, Torino, Leiria, Bucharest, Manresa and Sabadell.


Why we want you as a citizen blogger?

In our project community, engagement is a big part of the story. We want everyone living in the UrbanWINS cities to be able to discover how eco-innovation happens locally, through attractive and accessible stories told in the local language.

Your tasks, to be agreed with the respective pilot city, can include e.g. interviewing local stakeholders, reporting from local meetings or contributing to the project’s online platform. At the end of this call you find a short description of what each of the eight cities expects from the project and the cooperation with you.

  • The chance to be part of an ambitious European project and collaborate with interesting stakeholders of your city and region
  • The possibility to expand your network and to showcase your writing skills from local to international audiences
  • The chance to broaden your skills, for example via webinars and exchange with communication professionals
  • Easy-going and friendly working atmosphere, flexibility and openness to new ideas

The cooperation is foreseen to start in June 2017 and last until the end of the project (April 2019). The exact scope and schedule of activities will be agreed before the signature of the contract. The honorarium foreseen is 1,500 EUR gross per city. One person can apply for a role of citizen blogger in more than one city, as long as they are in the same country.

To be:

  • A good writer and communicator, preferably with experience in online communications (e.g. blogging, social media, etc.)
  • Living in, or close to, one of the following cities: Cremona, Albano Laziale, Pomezia,Torino, Leiria, Bucharest, Manresa, Sabadell
  • Interested in the topics of UrbanWINS
  • Fluent in the local language and able to communicate in English
  • Able to work independently and creatively
  • Able to attend local project events

Please note: You don’t necessarily have to have your own blog. All contributions and comments will be published on our website, the online forum and in cooperation with the pilot cities on the respective websites and blogs of the city, too. However, you are encouraged to use other relevant channels to best reach the local community.

Apply until Thursday, 25 May 2017, 14.00 CET.

Submit your application by completing a short questionnaire available here and sending us a short CV to ania.rok@iclei.org.

Download the call here
Complete the questionnaire here

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In recent years Albano Laziale focused its policies on waste separation, reaching a high recycling rate. The focus now is on reduction and reuse. In the framework of UrbanWINS, the city aims to define a local waste reduction strategy with the involvement of local administration, citizens and private sector.

Bucharest is aiming to promote waste prevention-related activities and citizen awareness when it comes to integrated waste management. The Municipality of Bucharest is focusing on a participatory approach for its waste related policies, from eradicating the illegal dumping of waste to promoting the circular economy principles.

Cremona aims to reduce the total amount of waste, increase the percentage of differentiated waste collection and, especially, improve the percentage of effectively recovered waste. The city would also like to work with citizens to eradicate waste dumping and the related environmental risks.

Leiria is looking to increase its understanding of urban metabolism to develop new measures for urban waste reduction. Strong civic activity is very important to build modern platforms of public participation, leading to greater environmental awareness and promoting actions that reduce local urban waste.

Manresa City Council aims to disseminate the information and activities related to UrbanWINS, with a focus on recycling, waste reduction and circular economy policies.

Pomezia aims to reduce the total yearly amount of urban waste produced and support local businesses to invest in recovering raw materials in order to create new products.

Sabadell City Council wants to encourage citizen participation by promoting the information coming from UrbanWINS with an innovative and independent format. Sabadell is also aiming to promote waste reduction objectives among the citizens.

The Municipality of Torino aims to have 65% of waste collected separately by 2020. To reach this goal, Torino will work to raise awareness, develop new logistics and collection strategies, as well as address new issues related to the circular economy and a participatory approach, also thanks to the UrbanWINS project. The Municipality also aims to test new taxation systems, responding to recent developments at a national level.

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