Citizen Blogging

The blogging experience of talented and curious writers on eco-innovative activities for waste prevention and management

In our project community, engagement is a big part of the story. Citizen Bloggers live in the UrbanWINS cities and are able to discover how eco-innovation happens locally, through attractive and accessible stories told in the local language.

Citizen Bloggers tasks could include e.g. interviewing local stakeholders, reporting from local meetings or contributing to the project’s online platform.

Here are the selected bloggers to be part of our project:


Maria Agell Riba, Sabadell
Maria works as a waste technician in a company that is in charge of the household waste management in Barcelona. She studied an MSc on waste and resource management at Cranfield University. As an environmental scientist, she is interested in working towards reducing the environmental impact caused by our life style. Check her posts here.
Núria Cases i Sampere, Sabadell
Núria works as an environmental consultant specialized on waste and resource management. Núria believes on the need to make a more sustainable use of our resources and has interest to broaden her knowledge on how circular economy can be implemented in cities. Read her posts here.
Cinthia Pereira Rosa, Manresa
Cinthia has a background in environmental research and communicating to citizens on technical environmental topics, and will be blogging about activities in Manresa. Find the blog here.
Antonio Castagna, Turin
Antonio works as a trainer in management education, being a coach, an activist and a story teller about environmental questions. Intents to understand and contribute to the grow of learning communities, being able to interweave local little questions with wider visions. His articles have been published in the newsletter of Rifiutilab.
Valerio Gamba, Milano
Valerio is an environmental engineer who has worked with the University of Milan and regularly contributes to several environmental and cultural blogs. His focus will be on the environmental activities and policies in Cremona. Check the articles on UrbanWINS in this blog.
Luca Priori, Albano Laziale
Luca works as a journalist in Albano Laziale and is interested in collaborating with online and paper-based publications to communicate the project’s activities and on environmental issues in the local area. He has published articles in Albano Laziale portal, as well different newspapers, such as, CastelliToday, L’Osservatore d’Italia, Controluce, and Non Solo Rosa.
Micael Sousa, Leiria
Micael runs several blogs on political and environmental topics and will blog on activities in Leiria. He also writes in local newspapers and magazines. Micael has written an UrbanWINS post on the European Commission’s DG REGIO blog. Check his articles on UrbanWINS here and here.
Matei Dumitru, Bucharest
Matei has been an independent journalist since 1990 and has been involved in monthly Ecologic Magazine, focused on environmental protection and sustainable development since 2404. He is interested in the perception of municipal waste as an economic, environmental and social indicator of the priorities and progress of cities, in particular Bucharest. Matei is publishing news about UrbanWINS in Ecologic Magazine and in the publication’s Facebook.
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