Staff exchanges aimed at facilitating knowledge and experience sharing

The aim of the City Match Exchange Programme is to help bring people together to develop competences, share knowledge, ideas and working methods on sustainable and innovation procurement in the waste and resources sector. The idea is that an employee or group of employees interested in the waste and resources sector visit another organisation working on this topic. The visit is meant to provide new experiences and ideas and will normally take between 1-4 days. Who can participate?

The programme is intended for all staff from public authorities working in the waste and resources sector, amongst others politicians, policymakers, waste management and prevention professionals, environmental and utilities service providers, procurement officials, and technology providers.

What exchange activities can be undertaken?

  • Study visits (one-to-one or group exchange)
  • Job shadowing
  • Benchmarking studies

What topics can be addressed?

  • Waste management, prevention and innovation
  • Circular economy and procurement
  • Piloting emerging solutions and technologies
  • Market engagement processes
  • Participatory mechanisms’ implementation and citizen ownership campaigns
  • And many more

The 2nd UrbanWINS CityMatch will be kindly hosted by the City of Zürich (Switzerland) from January 23 – 25, 2019.

This CityMatch aims to provide a forum for exchange on the reuse of concrete used for buildings (recycled concrete). Public authorities from across Europe will come to this study visit were experts from Zurich, incl. staff from the building construction and health & environment department, incl. city planners, facility managers, persons from the sustainable public procurement and suppliers of concrete, will show their approaches towards a circular economy.

Participants are expected to have experience and interest in those areas.

DAY ONE – JAN 23, 2019
Location: Office for Urban Development (AFS), Lindenhofstrasse 19, Postfach, 8021 Zürich Room with Zurich’s City Model on 100 m2 at the scale of 1:1000

Until 16.00 Arrival
16.00 Welcome reception
16.20 Introductions – Zürich, ICLEI
16.40 Input: Drivers & Potential for using recycling concrete. Why using Recycling Concrete? – Sonja Gehrig, Project Manager Sustainable Public Procurement and Cooperation, Environmental and Health Protection Service, City of Zurich
16.50 Interactive presentation: Zurich’s best practices, learnings and findings – Annette Aumann, Office of Building Construction, City of Zurich – Overview, first steps and history of Zurich’s building with recycling concrete – Learnings and
findings from studies showing the development of recycling concrete – Examples of Buildings incl. Letzigrund sport stadium: on-site reuse of concrete during building of new stadium
17.50 Closing of day one
19.00 Dinner reception by invitation of the Environmental and Health Protection Service, City of Zurich

DAY TWO – JAN 24, 2019

9.00 Meeting point: Hotel. Transfer with local public transport to the study visit
9.30 Study Visit: Buildings made from Recycling Concrete – Annette Aumann (Office of Building Construction)
12.00 Lunch by invitation of the Environmental and Health Protection Service, City of Zurich
13.45 Transfer to Eberhard Bau AG using public transport – Venue site: Oberglatterstrasse, 8153 Rümlang
14.15 Introduction: technical and legal aspects of recycling concrete and its production: Patrick Eberhard, Sales manager materials, Eberhard Bau AG
– Essentials to know: materials, norms and regulations
– First steps: How to start using recycled materials for buildings”
15.15 Coffee break
15.45 Study Visit: recycled concrete production: Patrick Eberhard, sales manager materials, Eberhard Bau AG
– Ebirec Recyclingcenter: On-site Production of Recycling Concrete”
16.45 Discussion on recycled concrete production
17.15 Transfer back to Zurich / Hotel
Participants have a free evening to enjoy Zürich. Recommendations are available by the organizers.

DAY THREE – JAN 25, 2019
Location: tbc

9.00 Recap & Questions
– Discussion
– Take-home messages/ lessons learned
10.30 End of CityMatch
10.45-12.15 a) City Tour (walking tour or guided bus tour at own costs) – Zurich Tourism
b) Or Circular waste management: Guided tour to a modern recycling site, to an incineration plant or biogas production site (could be arranged on request)

This CityMatch activity is already full.

Please check the CityMatch taking place in Malmö in March 2019.

The 3rd UrbanWINS CityMatch will be kindly hosted by the City of Malmö (Sweden) from March 6 – 8, 2019.

This CityMatch will focus on contract management for strategic and sustainable public procurement. Participants in this activity, together with contract managers from Malmö purchasing cleaning and transport services, will discuss about transport services for people with special needs, cleaning services for (office) buildings and schools, market analysis before tendering and the criteria for evaluation of tenders, including contract terms / conditions.

Participants are expected to have experience and interest in those areas.

DAY ONE – MARCH 6, 2019
Location: tbc

Until 19.00 Arrival
19.00 Welcome reception. Venue: tbc

DAY TWO – MARCH 7, 2019
Location: City Hall

9.00 Welcome and introductions [representative from the City of Malmö]
Contract management for strategic, sustainable public procurement
Together with contract managers from Malmö buying services in the fields of cleaning and transport, we will discuss about:

  • Transport services for people with certain needs, such as children with special needs, persons with disabilities and elderly as well as school buses for children.
  • Cleaning services for (office) buildings and schools.
  • Market analysis before tendering (scoping, prospectus)
  • Criteria for the evaluation of tenders, incl. contract terms/conditions that should prevent social dumping versus providing working opportunities for long-term unemployed persons and newly arrived.
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Time for doing some work together.
Discussions will continue on:

  • Social responsible contract terms/conditions for service contracts (cleaning, transport) and how to follow up best?
  • Suitable contract follow up procedures and management incl. sanctions and incentive mechanisms and how to engage internal stakeholders
17.00 End of day two.

Location: tbc

9.00 Local study visit to Hyllie (tbc)
12.00 Lessons learned and wrap up
13.00 Farewell lunch



How to reach Malmö and accommodation:
From Kastrup airport of Copenhagen, Malmö can be reached by train.
The City Hall is situated in the centre of Malmö. There are various options on
accommodation. Please, approach us if you have any queries.

Ulrika Svallingson, Malmö: tel.: +46 708 66 73 99
Philipp Tepper, ICLEI:, tel. +49 761 368 920

You are interested in one of our CityMatches and can fulfill the mentioned expectations? Apply now writing to and answering the following questions:

– Which CityMatch (location, date) do you apply for?

– Why are you interested in the topic of this CityMatch?

– What experience would you bring to the study visit?

ICLEI will reimburse travel and accommodation of up to 600 EUR per person. Language: English.

We look forward receiving your applications!


  • Inspiration and guidance on how to start or further develop your work, and share knowledge with peers to overcome barriers and challenges
  • Acquiring a broader understanding and develop skills on smart, strategic, green and innovative public procurement
  • Receiving direct assistance and support on day-to-day tasks related to public procurement of waste management solutions
  • Being informed about the latest technologies, products and services, and learn about trends and development in the waste and resources sector
  • Sharing ideas, problems, solutions, and good practices with highly motivated individuals from other cities
  • An insight into how replicable your methods are, by receiving feedback and new perspectives on your approaches and tools
  • Potential access to new pilots
  • Wider dissemination of your work on waste management, innovation, circular economy and others
  • Growing your network of peers and experts

The 1st UrbanWINS CityMatch was kindly hosted by the Metropolitan City of Capital Rome and took place in Rome (Italy) between 12-13 October 2017. Participants had the opportunity to discover how furniture circular procurement and Green Public Procurement monitoring work in practice.

Participants were expected to bring forward innovative ideas in the areas of circular economy and furniture procurement.

The programme is available here.

The 1st UrbanWINS CityMatch (Rome, Italy)

If you want to participate in the UrbanWINS CityMatch Exchange Programme, act as a host organisation to receive participants by filling this Application Form. For more information please contact: Philipp Tepper +49761368920

The City Match Programme is supported and endorsed by the Procura+ Network Twinning Programme.

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