Material Categories

UMAn uses a material composition dataset based on the ProdChar (products characterization), see CN level.

The ProdChar dataset was developed based on information about average materials composition supplied by different sources (more details provided in (Rosado, 2012)). For instance, the product type of CN 87032190 (motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons) comprises of 4% lubricants and oils and solvents, 22% plastics and rubber, 58% iron, steel alloying metals, and ferrous metals, 2% light metals, 4% nonferrous heavy metals, 1% sand (in the form of glass), 4% textile biomass, and 5% nonspecified (Rosado et al., 2014).

In concordance with their properties, all material flows in the model were split into 28 material categories (Table 3.2).

Table 3.2. Material categories separated in the UMAn model

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