Introduction to the DB

During the UrbanWINS project a UMAn (Urban Metabolism Analyst) model was developed to display and analyse material flows that enter, go through and leave the cities. The UMAn model consists of a set of data for several cities for which available data have been processed. Using a complex methodology collected data were treated to make them useful for stakeholders and to allow comparison between the cities involved in the project.

More information about the different tools developed in UrbanWINS to analyse the urban metabolism in the pilot cities is available in the Toolkit.

In this database, information is available for the following pilot cities: Albano Laziale, Cremona, Pomezia and Torino (Italy, 2013), Leiria (Portugal, 2013), and Manresa and Sabadell (Spain, 2008).

To access the information on one of these cities, please select the respective tab on top of this page. For each city you will find information on products and materials, specifically:



Key for identification of material categories:


    • Disaggregated data at CN4 level;
    • Aggregated data at CN2 level

Key for identification of CN Sections:

If you wish to get information about products you may find the following data for each of the pilot cities, both in absolute and per capita values:

The online database also provides a comparison of per capita data – click tab “Comparative Synthesis” on top of this page.

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