European Advisory Board

UrbanWINS has the support of a European Advisory Board (EAB), comprised of 20 high-level representatives from EU decision-making bodies, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders from the waste sector.

The EAB is contributing to the project by providing feedback on the technical developments of the project and in disseminating the project outcomes to gain a broader outreach, such as with newer EU Member States.

By the end of the project, the EAB will be responsible for creating an UrbanWINS Alliance to ensure the further uptake of the project’s results.

Piotr Barczak - European Environmental Bureau

Piotr Barczak works for the European Environmental Bureau.

Silvia Cappa - Region Lombardia

Silvia Cappa works for the Region Lombardia (Italy).

Pilar Chiva - Catalan Waste Agency

Pilar Chiva has a degree in chemistry from the University of Barcelona. Various additional training in environment and energy.

Twenty years of professional experience at the Catalan environmental administration, initially at the Catalan Energy Institute and later at the Catalan Waste Agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, where she held the positions of Head of Information Department, Director of the Catalan Recycling Centre and, since January 2010, Director of Prevention and Recycling Area. The Catalan Waste Agency is an entity of public law responsible for managing the waste generated throughout Catalonia.

Ines Diogo - Portuguese Environment Agency

Ines Diogo works for the Portuguese Environment Agency.

Marinela Dracea - CIROM

Marinela Dracea works for CIROM, the Romanian employers’ association from the cement industry and other construction minerals.

Sepp Eisenriegler - Austrian re-use and repair network

Sepp Eisenriegler works for the Austrian re-use and repair network NGO.

Anne-Louise Eliasson - City of Gothenburg

Anne-Louise Eliasson works for the City of Gothenburg.

Herman Huisman - RWS (NL Ministry of Infrastructure)

Herman Huisman works for RWS (Ministry of Infrastructure, the Netherlands).

Georgeta Ionescu - Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests (Romania)

Georgeta Ionescu works for the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests of Romania.

Rüf Jodok - Telesis

Rüf Jodok works for Telesis (Austria)

Cristina Jonsson - Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Cristina Jonsson works for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Blanca Martinez de Foix - DIBA

Blanca Martinez de Foix works for Diputació de Barcelona (Spain).

Paula Mendes - LIPOR

Paula Mendes works for LIPOR, A Portuguese entity responsible for the management, valorisation and treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced by eight municipalities.

Olga Romao - GEOTA

Olga Romao works for the Portugues NGO GEOTA

Michelangelo Russo - University of Naples Federico II

Michelangelo Russo works for the Italian University of Naples Federico II.

Dario Sciunnach - Region Lombardia

Dario Sciunnach works for the Region Lombardia (Italy).

Peter Szuppinger - REC

Peter Szuppinger is an expert of Sustainable Resource Use at the Head Office of the Regional Environmental Center (REC). He has 15 years of experience working on projects supporting the development of new environmental policies, strategies and initiatives and as well as the analysis and evaluation of existing ones on European, national and local level. He is dealing with resource efficiency, waste and circular economy, air quality and industrial emissions, eco-innovation, sustainable consumption issues, urban sustainable development and energy related topics. His specific area of expertise is green public procurement and procurement of innovation. He was a contributing expert of the European Topic Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (2009-2014).

Javier Vázquez Lamas - City of Santiago de Compostela

Javier Vázquez Lamas is an engineer with an MBA.

Former entrepreneur, co-founded 3 tech startups. Since September 2015, senior policy advisor for the government of Santiago de Compostela City Council (Spain), working mainly on innovation, transparency and sustainability (energy, waste).

Vanya Veras - Municipal Waste Europe

Vanya Veras is the Secretary General of Municipal Waste Europe.

Maria Elisa Zuppiroli - National Association for Agenda 21

Maria Elisa Zuppiroli is part of the National Association for Agenda 21 (Italy).

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