Throughout the project, different conferences will take place to promote the project, as well as to contribute to the different objectives established for UrbanWINS.

Upcoming Events

UrbanWINS National Conference Austria

From urban metabolism to a fair and circular urban-rural relationship

When? 23 May 2019
Where? Vienna

The urban metabolism, the resources a city needs, “digests”, accumulates and sooner or later releases into the surrounding countryside and the environment, has to change if we want to improve our quality of life, business location as well as climate and environment.

The latest research on “Urban Metabolism” shows how this is possible in cities, and outlines the relations between cities and (regional and global) surrounding areas.

This conference will show and discuss approaches to the development of cities and their surrounding areas (regional as well as global) until 2050 under different assumptions (sustainable future or business as usual). What are the roles of provision and disposal, the transport of people and resources, as well as the public services that are ultimately at stake (and the cities often also provide for people in the immediate and wider environment)? And what are the global outcomes?

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Past Events

The UrbanWINS Final Conference – The city as a living organism: understanding its metabolism to reduce its resource consumption took place on the 4th of April, 2019, in Brussels. Partners and stakeholders from all the countries involved and people interested from many different fields came together to share the experiences and outcomes from the three years of intense work and engage in lively and creative workshop sessions. The strong interest in the project demonstrates its relevance and raises hopes that other cities, organisations and stakeholders can build upon its results.


You can download each presentation from the event here:

Welcome: The UrbanWINS journey
Keynote. Maria Yeroyanni (Senior Expert on Innovating Cities at DG Research and Innovation).
Video Message. Gianluca Galimberti (Mayor of the City of Cremona).

Urban metabolism: indicators on how cities eat and digest
The urban metabolism approach. Leonardo Rosado (Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers University).
Strategic Planning Framework for the pilot cities. Francesco Musco (Associate Professor, Department of Design and Planning on Complex Environments, IUAV University of Venice).

Participation: a key aspect in UrbanWINS
Speed presentations: How have we used participation in the cities?
FCT NOVA University of Lisbon / Cremona, Albano Laziale and Pomezia, Torino (Italy) / Leiria (Portugal) / Bucharest (Romania) / Manresa, Sabadell (Spain).

An inspirational story: the SPILL restaurant in Malmö. Erik Andersson (SPILL restaurant).

Presentation of the UrbanWINS toolkit. Adriana Gheorghe (Ecoteca), Matteo Gordini (Fondazione Ecosistemi), Livia Mazzà (Fondazione Ecosistemi).

Dissemination and exploitation plan. Mara Pesaro, Cinzia Vuoto, Martina Macconi (Municipality
of Cremona).


UrbanWINS final conference

A total of six conferences are to take place during the three years of the project to share the developments of UrbanWINS, as well as to exchange ideas, challenges and approaches. Each of six countries involved in this project – Austria, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sweden – host one event.

So far, five conferences have already taken place:

UrbanWINS National Conference Portugal
The conference aimed at sharing the experience and preliminary results of the UrbanWINS project with the
national audience of citizens, local authorities, organizations, stakeholders and academia. The conference took place on the 25th of June, 2018, in Coimbra.

UrbanWINS National Conference Italy
The conference was held within the framework of a bigger event that is the Forum CompraVerde-BuyGreen, International fair and conference on green procurement. It took place on the 19th of October, 2018, in Rome.

UrbanWINS National Conference Spain
Project partners and local governments were invited to learn about innovative ways of waste prevention and citizen participation. UrbanWINS project outcomes were presented and new models of waste management that promote infrastructure for a circular economy are showcased. The conference was held on the 23th of November, 2018, in Sabadell.

UrbanWINS National Conference Sweden
The conference in Sweden revolved around the question of how the Urban Metabolism approach can support cities decision making processes towards a more circular economy. It took place on the 21st of March, 2019, in Gothenburg.

UrbanWINS National Conference Romania
Main purpose of the conference was to share the experience of the Bucharest pilot city with other stakeholders, including local authorities, and to evaluate the applicability of the methodologies and approaches proposed by UrbanWINS in other urban and regional contexts. It was held on the 26th of March, 2019, in Bucharest.

The kick-off conference took place in Cremona (Italy) in September 2016. The purpose of this event was to share the approach of UrbanWINS and to clearly explain the different activities that will be developed within the project.

Some of the members of the European Advisory Board took part in the event.

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