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WHERE: Portugal, Spain WHEN: 2016- present (ongoing)                                WASTE MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY: Prevention: Replacement – Reduction TYPE OF INSTRUMENT: Voluntary / promotional                                            WASTE STREAMS: Municipal waste, Healthcare waste, Food and organic waste

About: Launched in 2016, is an online supermarket dedicated to selling products that are near or exceed the best before date and can therefore be marketed at lower prices, without compromising food safety. sells both food products (e.g. canned and preserved foods) and non-food products (e.g. shampoos, conditioners, cleaning products). Goods can be purchased with savings opportunities up to 70% compared to prices in traditional grocery stores. This initiative aims to reduce food waste and waste disposal. does not sell „take-it-by” products. only sells products with a minimum durability date: „preferably up to”. SHIPMENTS: At the moment sends only to continental Portugal and Spain. They make etheir deliveries in partnership with CTT Expresso/ Tourline Express

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There are two types of deadlines for food:
The consumption deadline – „use by” – the date from which the products cannot be sold nor consumed. This deadline applies to products which, for food safety reasons, cannot be consumed or sold after that date, in particular fresh products;
The preferential term – „best before date” – means the date until which the brands ensure the optimal quality of your product. This period does not have to do with food safety, and the food is fit for consumption. The sale of these products is allowed even if it exceeds its best before date, without jeopardizing food safety. does not sell „use -by” products. only sells products with a minimum durability date: “best before date”.
SHIPMENTS: At the moment sends only to continental Portugal and Spain. They make deliveries in partnership with CTT Expresso and Tourline Express. There are 3 alternatives:
1 – Receive your order at the indicated address (home / work / other):
2 – Receive your order at the CTT station that suits you best.
3 – Receive your order in a Phone House shop adherent of the country and other picking points like bookshops and coffe shops.
Results, in addition to other types of opportunities, offers products that, be-ing safe and legally marketable, are arriving or have already reached the indicated preferred consumption date and, for this reason, they stop having their quality maximum insured by the brand and can be sold at substantially lower prices (savings up to 70%).

Main results are:

– 24000 users/consumers
– the store has a community of 39412 followers on social networks
– 310 brands are selling products in the online store
– 1182 products exists in the online store
– 8 categories of products are sold online (food products, non-alcoholic beverages, health and wellness, beauty and hygene, House, Garden and Auto, animals, bio, without gluten)
– 505 products offered by 129 food brands (price € 0.00 – € 8.00): canned and pre-served, rice, pasta and flour, Potato chips and snacks, cookies, Bakery and
– Bakery, Honey, marmalades and spreads, coffee, cocoa and infusions, chocolates and sweets breakfast (30), broths, creams, soups and prepared dishes condiments and sauces.
– 36 of non-alcoholic beverage products offered by 14 brands of non-alcoholic bev-erages (price -0.00 € – 15.00 €)
– 85 products for Health &Welness offered by 38 brands (price -0.00 € – 15.00 €)
– 223 products for Beauty & Hygiene offered by 50 brands (price – € 0.00 – € 23.00)
– 150 products for House, Garden, Auto offered by 46 brands (price – € 0.00 – € 11.00)
– 68 Animal products offered by 6 brands (price – € 0.00 – € 14.00)
– 48 bio products offered by 12 brands (price € 0.00 – € 7.00)
– 67 products without gluten offered by 29 brands (price € 0.00 – € 7.00)

Urban metabolism relevance
The results of the practice make refference to outcomes going beyond waste prevention and management, for example: improving air quality within the city (by reducing the biowaste disposed in landfills, encouraging product sharing solutions etc.), reducing the use of natural resource. The practice has been elaborated / implemented / evaluated in connection with various urban material flows and / or analyzed the connection within various urban material flows (transport, air pollution, soil pollution etc).

The practice is contributing to circular economy approaches by enhancing the circularity of materials (via resale, reuse actions) and by aiming to „close the loop” and by showing the valorization approach-es of the waste In addition to offering the consumer the possibility of quality products at high savings, is a declared “green” solution, to the extent that it reduces food waste and pollution related to its elimination.

A substantial part of the products marketed by are close to their preferred consumption period, or even exceeded this period. That is one of the reasons for the discounts granted. This term is indicated in each product.

Engaged participatory processes
• The practice has been elaborated / implemented / evaluated with the engagement of at least two types of urban stakeholders – citizens, consumers, suppliers/brands, professional associations, etc
• The engagement tools of stakeholders include face to face events (such as inter-views) and / or online tools (such as pools, social media / website consultations, questionnaires …)
• 310 brands are selling products in the online store

The store has a community of 39412 followers on social networks and at least 24000 users/consumers/month. Stakeholder involvement is very important in the project, especially for consumers; without their support the project could not continue clients have are economically rewarded for having a sustainable choice” (Chantal Camps de Gispert)

The practice uses original or resourceful techniques:
– organizational (based on the cooperation of various stakeholders)
– social (based on new types of engagement, with a clear social focus / impact in, consumers, suppliers and especially local producers)


Sustainability and replicability
The practice can be easily reproduced by (local) public authorities and local communities and is relevant for other regions across Europe. The project continues to have effect and be functional once the funding/organizational support ended.
Success Factors
• Promoting cheap consumer alternatives that prevent and reduce waste
• The community of stakeholders (consumers, suppliers) who support the project
Waste, Resources, Innovation.
Key Challenges
  • A specific recommended focus should be on how the social aspects have been tackled / integrated by the tool.
For more information, please check the deliverable, or contact the implementing body.

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