The city of Manresa is located in the heart of Catalonia, nearby Barcelona, at the crossroads of three strategic communication axes in Catalonia. Currently its population amounts to 75,000 inhabitants. With a recorded history of over one thousand years, Manresa has a significant industrial and commercial background and plays an important role of public and private services provider in a wide area (over 250,000 people) in Central Catalonia.

As all Spanish city councils governing a municipality bigger than 5,000 inhabitants, Manresa City Council has the competence of waste collection and recycling. The services are contracted out to private providers. Specific taxes are collected for this service, which must cover the costs and cannot finance other services.

The urban waste generation is 412 kg/inhabitant/year(2015) and the percentage of urban waste collected separately amounts to 39%.

The waste separation plant and the waste landfill site is managed by a functional association of municipalities (Consorci del Bages per la Gestió de Residus) which Manresa is part of. Both, the facilities and the consortium, are placed in Manresa.


During the Urban Agoras Citizens of Manresa have agreed upon three top actions to pilot in their city:

  • The city will develop a comprehensive local plan for waste management, including changes in regulation and fees.
  • Singular Producers, who generate particularly high amounts of residues, will receive special training and information on the existing door-to-door collection system and on how to minimize their waste output.
  • A comprehensive analysis of resource, waste and sub product flows will be conducted and the results disseminated in order to explore new sustainable business models.

Credits: Javier Videla

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