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Elaboration of a local plan for waste prevention and management, which will be the strategic planning tool establishing actions and objectives for the municipality of Manresa

Creating a „zero-waste awareness” campaign focusing on the importance of waste prevention and reducing resource consumption in Bucharest’s restaurants in a participatory system

In the first stage, the pilot action will concentrate on a pilot project concerning the separate collection of waste in public events

Development of a regulatory framework for the public events organized in Leiria

Development of a regulation or an ethical charter’s commitment addressed to the touristic sector and its environmental sustainability

Identification of a specific area within the Sunday market (the farmers’ market of Roman Castles area) where people can exchange/barter goods and materials

Introduction of a fee systems that make users pay on the grounds of the real production of non-recyclable waste

Creation of a repair and reuse centre in order to reduce the amount of waste conferred on the waste collection centre