Creating a „zero-waste awareness” campaign focusing on the importance of waste prevention and reducing resource consumption in Bucharest’s restaurants in a participatory system.

The pilot action will be focused on:

  • The development and dissemination of a “Waste Prevention Guide” and informational materials (e.g. posters) that will be placed in restaurants;
  • Training on the job for the employees on waste prevention and management activities;
  • Development and implementation of an informational plan for the beneficiaries (restaurants) that will encompass the prevention guide and responsibilities, other relevant info on separate collection, information for costumers (importance of prevention and what happens with the remaining food that they don’t consume).

Elena Bercuș – Primăria Municipiului București,
Adrian Duca – Compania de Salubritate Rosal,
Alexandra Ghenea – Asociația Ecoteca,

Photo credits: Tourism Department of Bucharest