Promotion of initiatives and awareness-raising activities for citizens to activate the principles of a circular economy and create a community of more aware consumers able to reduce wastage and properly use resources and goods.

The action concerns the definition and timetabling of awareness raising and educational activities, with the testing of at least three activities during the first year among them the activity called “A piccolo passi” in all the schools of Cremona.

The activities foreseen are related to the sustainable mobility, the separate collection of waste, the reduction of food wastage.

The project foresees also the installation in various neighborhoods of a place where to exchange products and goods and to organise training courses on good practice, and the promotion the consumption of products from the short supply chain.

Cinzia Vuoto (Comune di Cremona), email:
Martina Macconi (Comune di Cremona), email: 

Photo credits: U. Barcella