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The action consists of the creation of a dedicated space for eco-awareness activities related to waste and its reuse through the creation of educative and professional workshops related to the waste reuse and small appliances repair.

Development of a regulatory framework for the public events organized in Leiria

Development of a regulation or an ethical charter’s commitment addressed to the touristic sector and its environmental sustainability

Promotion of a communication campaigns to foster the sustainability culture and to encourage a change in citizens’ behavior as regards the field of sustainability, reduction of waste production and abandonment and resource consumption

Identification of a specific area within the Sunday market (the farmers’ market of Roman Castles area) where people can exchange/barter goods and materials

Promoting (also through discounts at the end of the day) the recovery and donation of food surpluses and expiring products for social solidarity and waste food limitation

Promotion of initiatives and awareness-raising activities for citizens to activate the principles of a circular economy and create a community of more aware consumers able to reduce wastage and properly use resources and goods

Introduction of a fee systems that make users pay on the grounds of the real production of non-recyclable waste

Creation of a repair and reuse centre in order to reduce the amount of waste conferred on the waste collection centre