Albano Laziale is a Municipality of the Metropolitan City of Rome, located in the “Castelli Romani” area, 25 kilometres distant from Rome. With almost 42,000 inhabitants, Albano Laziale is the twelfth most populous municipality, and the third most densely populated municipality of the metropolitan area. Albano is one of the most important municipalities of the Castelli Romani, and a busy commercial centre. The territory of Albano is partially included in the Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani. In 2015 the urban waste production per capita in Albano Laziale was 525.58 kg, of which 21% were collected separately.

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Development of a regulation or an ethical charter’s commitment addressed to the touristic sector and its environmental sustainability

Promotion of a communication campaigns to foster the sustainability culture and to encourage a change in citizens’ behavior as regards the field of sustainability, reduction of waste production and abandonment and resource consumption

Identification of a specific area within the Sunday market (the farmers’ market of Roman Castles area) where people can exchange/barter goods and materials