Sabadell is a city located in Catalonia (Spain), and co-capital of the Vallès Occidental County. It has 207,814 inhabitants, being the fifth biggest city of Catalonia. The city is located in a strategic position, close to the capital metropolis of Barcelona, and well-connected to main infrastructures that link the Mediterranean coast to the rest of Europe. Sabadell pioneered the industrial revolution in Catalonia with its textile mills and became the most important wool manufacturing city in Spain. Nowadays the city is basically a commercial and industrial city without significant agricultural activities. As all Spanish city Councils governing a municipality bigger than 5,000 inhabitants, the Sabadell City Council has the competence of waste collection and recycling. These services are contracted out to a private provider who is in charge of the operations of waste collection and street cleaning, and is responsible too for the transportation and deposit of waste at the corresponding treatment plants, which are managed by a functional association of municipalities (Consorci per a la gestió dels residus del Vallès Occidental, located in Vacarisses) which Sabadell is part of. The urban waste generation is 420.36 kg/inhabitant/year(2015) and the percentage of urban waste collected separately amounts to 30.06 %.

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Reducing the use of disposable products in order to reduce waste (especially plastic waste)

Raise public awareness in order to change consumption habits and reduce food waste

The action consists of the creation of a dedicated space for eco-awareness activities related to waste and its reuse through the creation of educative and professional workshops related to the waste reuse and small appliances repair.