Founded during the reclamation of the Agro pontino area, during the fascist regime, Pomezia became an important economic centre of the district of Rome due to its high-grade industries. Currently it has almost 63,000 inhabitants.

Pomezia developed as a powerful industrial centre, especially in medical and pharmaceutical sectors. The territory of Pomezia extends till the beach of Torvajanica, a famous beach characterised by beautiful dunes.

In 2015 the urban waste production per capita amounted to 570.15 kg ; 23% of the total amount was separately collected.


During the Urban Agoras Citizens of Pomezia have agreed upon three top actions to pilot in their city:

  • Stimulating cooperation and synergies in the reuse of waste from processing between companies in the industrial sector through awareness raising, as well as regulatory and voluntary measures.
  • The city will create a Repair and Reuse Center, where refuse like bulky and electronic goods can be repaired and people can exchange goods they do not use anymore.
  • It will hold a competition to collect ideas for the creation of a port equipped with small restaurants and a zero-kilometers fish market in order to regenerate the coastline.

Credits: Comune di Pomezia

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