Various resources will be developed during the course of UrbanWINS to assist stakeholders in achieving a better understanding of waste prevention and management strategies in their cities.

UrbanWINS will develop:

A highly targeted source of information for public procurers on the waste sector, where the sector is monitored and developments are shared. This includes: best practices, criteria sources, labels, innovative solutions, guidance, and news.

UrbanWINS Sector watch is available here.

Deliverables are developed to synthesize unique outcomes achieved within the different tasks in each Work Packages (WP) defining the planning, management and execution achieved in UrbanWINS project.

UrbanWINS Deliverables are available here.

What is the time span of an elevator ride? From 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This is the time to deliver a summary of the benefits of green public procurement (GPP) and innovative waste solutions in urban areas to show the benefits of UrbanWINS. An Elevator Pitch, collecting snappy facts, figures and arguments showing the positive impact of the project, will be produced to engage new stakeholders.

The experiences from the eight European pilot cities involved in UrbanWINS will be collected and will be shaped into an online toolkit, which will be available by the end of the project. This toolkit will enable decision makers to improve their waste prevention and management policies, as well as to apply effective stakeholder engagement practices.

These resources will be made available from the website.

The Quality Snapshot is a report displaying a broad series of information to give the public and policy leaders an overview of the project’s performance.

The first Quality Snapshot can be accessed here.

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