Various resources will be developed during the course of UrbanWINS to assist stakeholders in achieving a better understanding of waste prevention and management strategies in their cities.

We need your expertise for the final and most important document in the UrbanWINS project – UrbanWINS Toolkit: A guide on urban metabolism and participatory processes for more efficient urban waste policies!

One of the final outcomes of the project is the UrbanWINS Toolkit: A guide on urban metabolism and participatory processes for more efficient urban waste policies. In this consultation process, the UrbanWINS toolkit is divided in different parts so that you can have an easy access to the information that you consider of interest or relevant. Also, we have designed a short survey that aims to be a mechanism for you to evaluate the utility and usability of the Toolkit.

You are encouraged to participate in the Consultation process in the parts/contents that you are an expert on and/or have interest in (see document attached). The different parts of the toolkit are listed below.

Your expertise is very important for developing the final version of the toolkit!

UrbanWINS Toolkit

The toolkit gathers all the relevant technical and political approaches and tools that have been used throughout the project, and values the heterogeneous experiences of the partners in order to inspire innovative urban waste prevention and management strategies able to contribute to the shift to more sustainable and circular urban economies.

UrbanWINS Toolkit addresses various audiences that can find in the current document sources of inspiration and action to act on the improvement of the sustainability of their cities from an innovative perspective and interpretation of waste issues and policies. In order to inspire the action, the toolkit story tells UrbanWINS experiences in an easy to understand manner, explaining both the theoretical considerations behind the activities and the practical ones – the deployment side. Moreover, the toolkit includes various testimonials, case studies, resources and sectorial/thematic focus that are relevant for the understanding and replication of the approaches, as well as to get to know the people and actors behind the UrbanWINS approach.

It is divided into three parts:

1 – UrbanWINS Corpus of best practices – this part encompasses a list of 70 best practices, relevant for cities, that have been implemented across the EU, covering relevant waste streams. Their descriptions highlight innovative elements such as the use of urban metabolism and stakeholder engagement, which ease the replication.

2 – Urban metabolism approaches – this part encompasses detailed descriptions of urban metabolism theoretical approaches and various tools for its implementation, such as UMAn, Material Flow Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment, urban accounts and indicators, as well as various sectorial / thematic case studies that can be used across the life cycle of waste policies.

3 – Stakeholder engagement process – this part includes a theoretical description of the stakeholder identification and engagement processes with a focus on urban waste actors, as well as detailed explanations of the participatory processes that have been carried out in the face-to-face agoras of the  UrbanWINS project.

If interested, please read the different parts and give us your feedback!

If you know any person or any organisation that could have an interest in the theme/project/process, please forward  the information/materials or send their contact to our email address (

Thank you for your contribution in UrbanWINS!

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